69 Brosses


Name:69 Brosses Ecological Vermouth

Graduation:15,5º vol.

Size:700 ml

Another singularity to highlight would be our ecological vermouth 69 brosses, also elaborated here in Valencia.

A new fashion, the vermouth is catching resurfacing and forcefully. In a market, that demands the presence of a different vermouth authentic Mediterranean and with excellent nuances.

We present a a black vermouth, elaborated from our old formula and with many herbs and spices all from ecological farming.

On the nose we perceive fresh orange fragrance and spaced like juniper and cinnamon.On the mouth it is slightly acidic and very citric, because the skin of the orange is the one that gives his touch. They are also part of the composition, white wine malvasia, sugar cane, juniper and cinnamon, in addition to botanicals and herbs from the Mediterranean area.

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