69 Moments


Name:69 Moments Olive Oil and ecological orange

Size:1000 ml

And nothing more mediterranean than olive oi the olive of oil!

An olive oil obtained directly from organically grown olives by mechanical procedures of first cold pressing. The charity of the olives is the alfafarenca and they have been cultivated without using pesticides or chemical products..

The Touch of distinction is provided by the orange orange than blends perfectly with the olive so in the mouth you can perceive both the discreet sweetness of the Orange and the bitterness of the olive fruit. On the nose you can see a very fruity and colorful oil we speak of a slightly Golden greenish.

The olive oil 69 moments with Orange is an explosion of flavor that perfectly marins with meat or fish but where we can perceive 100% its flavor is a slice of toasted bread preferably homemade or artisan in which is exposed its density, texture and color.

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